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Life’s Too Short to Sit on Your…

September 16, 2008
More colors and styles available

More colors and styles available

Introducing my limited edition line of T-shirts, stickers and onesies, to help remind you to LIVE LIFE while you’ve got it! Browse styles and buy at

Every sale of these items generates a donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

I created these designs as a very personal project. I joined Team in Training in order to get up off my couch and start living again. I’ve been dealing with some tough stuff in my life by sitting in front of the TV, and really NOT dealing with life at all. This is truly not fair – not fair to myself, and not fair to all the people who would dearly love to get up off the couch or out of bed and live life – but because their bodies are busy fighting cancer or other nastiness, they can’t.

I hope you like these designs and will consider buying something for yourself and for gifts … only 100 shopping days left till Christmas! BROWSE AND BUY NOW


I’m sweaty

September 9, 2008


Yep, I’m back in the saddle, and so is Manny. I went to Saturday’s group practice at Golden Gardens which was 70 minutes! At one hour I couldn’t believe it. I was really okay! At 70 minutes I could have gone another 10. But I didn’t 🙂

Today when I got home from work I found yet another check in the mail, this one from my cousins Jerry and Karen Crabb. I can’t tell you the thrill I get when I receive a check or an email about an online donation. It is so inspiring to me. Spurred on by the latest total, I took Manny out for a half-hour walk/run. Well, I took him for 20 minutes and then dropped him off at home and did another 10 minutes alone. And now I’m sweaty and I feel good. And now I have to do laundry.

I am working on designs for some T-shirts to sell as a fundraiser, so check back later this week! They are going to be cool. Everyone will want one for Christmas.


Introducing Skip

September 4, 2008


Skip is a 63-year-old man from the Seattle area. He was diagnosed with leukemia three years ago. He is a Team in Training “Honored Teammate.” He brings lots of food to Team in Training practices, and he loves to hang out, laugh and chat with the staff, volunteers and runners.

When I introduced myself to Skip at a recent practice (next to the bagel table), he said he was feeling pretty crummy. He’d had chemo earlier in the week and had spent a couple of days in the hospital recovering from it. He’s in “wait and see” mode with the cancer right now. He looked hearty and seemed to be standing for an hour or so with no problem, and chatting away. In my limited experience, he looked GREAT for a cancer patient.

I asked him how he got involved in Team in Training. He told me that he has two adult daughters. After he was diagnosed, one of them decided to run the Seattle Marathon with Team in Training to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Then his other daughter who lives out of state ran the Vancouver B.C. marathon.

Skip reminded me of my dad when he was telling me about his daughters. He got choked up, especially when telling me about his daughter who is “not very athletic,” and how proud he was of her for doing this.

Skip told me that Team in Training has meant so much to him over the past two years. He said, “I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” There was a brief silence. And then he added, “Except a cure for my leukemia.”


(Grant Falk, 14, from Brier, is also an Honored Teammate. Track his cancer treatment progress on his blog.)

We’re on the mend

September 4, 2008


I’m excited to report that I only have about $200 left to raise to make my Nov. 4 fundraising goal! If you’re doing the math and it doesn’t compute, that’s because I have committed to contributing another $75 myself. I am currently at 18% of my TOTAL fundraising goal ($3,800 by January 5). 


Photo Credit: Zoonie / Cait Hurley (

I had a molar extracted last Saturday. Sunday morning I woke up to find that the Tooth Fairy had stopped by in the night and donated $150! (With a little help from Heleana, Mary and Mike.)

After the tooth extraction, I was admonished not to exercise for a few days, and I responded by spending eight hours cleaning the house. My body then said, “oh, yeah? Well, take this!” and gave me a cold. So I was forced to lie in bed and watch Little House and Touched by an Angel. I am now feeling better and am back at work.

I have been soaking Manny’s paws (yes, it’s true) and shoving antibiotics down his slimy throat and it seems to be working. His feet look lots better and he’s my bouncy boy again.

I’m excited to get back out there and really break in my new shoes. Manny is excited to join me – for about a mile. Then he’s excited to go home to his couch.


10% to goal!!!

August 30, 2008


As of today, thanks to all my donors but especially my friend Michelle who put me over the top, I am over 10% to my fundraising goal! Woo hoo! Let’s keep it going, folks!


Tough Week

August 29, 2008

Photo by Obo-Bobolina/Hannah Webster from Creative Commons


I’ve had a difficult week. Without getting too TMI on you, the problem at home that originally prompted me to get off my a** and start living again … kind of blew up over the last couple of weeks. Now, this is actually a good thing because it means that there is movement and growth. But it also means some big changes and I’m pretty exhausted, both physically and emotionally. My husband has gone to San Francisco as a part of this … thing … and will not be coming home until after the 1st of the year. I already miss him a lot.

I’ve been sleeping a lot this week and have not worked out since Sunday. Now, you donors of mine, never fear! I have given myself a week to be a puddle and I’m starting my workouts again bright and early tomorrow morning. My list of donors is slowly growing and I cannot face that list of happy names too much longer if I’m not doing my training. I’ve also got Tona and Ruth at work who are also training, and who will not stand for laziness.

If you want to help motivate me even more, please go ahead and add your name to my donor list by following the “DONATE” link and supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Thanks!!!