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We’re on the mend

September 4, 2008


I’m excited to report that I only have about $200 left to raise to make my Nov. 4 fundraising goal! If you’re doing the math and it doesn’t compute, that’s because I have committed to contributing another $75 myself. I am currently at 18% of my TOTAL fundraising goal ($3,800 by January 5). 


Photo Credit: Zoonie / Cait Hurley (

I had a molar extracted last Saturday. Sunday morning I woke up to find that the Tooth Fairy had stopped by in the night and donated $150! (With a little help from Heleana, Mary and Mike.)

After the tooth extraction, I was admonished not to exercise for a few days, and I responded by spending eight hours cleaning the house. My body then said, “oh, yeah? Well, take this!” and gave me a cold. So I was forced to lie in bed and watch Little House and Touched by an Angel. I am now feeling better and am back at work.

I have been soaking Manny’s paws (yes, it’s true) and shoving antibiotics down his slimy throat and it seems to be working. His feet look lots better and he’s my bouncy boy again.

I’m excited to get back out there and really break in my new shoes. Manny is excited to join me – for about a mile. Then he’s excited to go home to his couch.